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Cre8tion Disposable Pedicure kits "PURPLE" 2-3 Days

Cre8tion Disposable Pedicure kits "PURPLE"

Cre8tion Disposable Pedicure kits "PURPLE"Includes 1 Slim Buffer, 1 Blue Pumice Sponge, 1 Mini Zebra..


Flower Soap 1lb/bottle

Flower Soap 1lb/bottleFlower Soap Petals for pedicure baths...


Flower Soap 1lb/bottle 5box

Flower Soap Petals for pedicure baths...


Foam Slipper (360 Pairs)

EVA FOAM SLIPPERSave on reusable pedicure slippers made fromrubber sponge material. Client will feel..


Gift Certificate with envelope VS3 rose

Gift Certificate with envelope VS3 rose50ct/pack..


Hot Stone Basalt Massage Stone

26 Piece Hot Stone Basalt Massage Stone..


Litle Dipr's Wearable Nail Soakers

Litle Dipr's Wearable Nail SoakersUse for Artificial Nail Removal, UV Tanning Bed Protection, Manicu..


Sterilizer Cabinet -KLI K-209

A useful basic appliance with uv-tube foe an optical sterilization of any kind of instrument, brushe..